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  • Sn5 wire
      • Sn5 wire
      • Sn5 wire
      • Sn5 wire

    “jingli” Solder flux using high-tech complex technical and automatic solder wire production line can produce ф0.5-9.0mm solid core, single-core, three-core, active, inactive resin core solder wire, while the production of water cleaning, free clean solder; to meet the special requirements of some customers, and another high-temperature wire, cold solder and other models and specifications of products for you to choose from.

    ◎ Product advantages:
    * Good wettability and expand capacity to effectively prevent bridging, pull tip phenomenon;
    * Efficient ability to oxide film;
    * Less welding spatter, low smoke, odor feel relaxed, bright spot;
    * Less residue after soldering, light color and high insulation resistance, excellent electrical properties, do not wash.

    Sn5 high temperature solder wire
    Sn5 high temperature solder wire to wire, suitable for high temperature welding welding process requirements, such as ordinary light bulbs, top welded high pressure mercury lamp, chip packaging, handicrafts manufacturing and the need for secondary welding process.

    ◎ melting temperature: 300-311 ℃

    ◎ Standard (mm):

    ◎ Standard Packaging:
    Each coil weight: 0.25Kg, 0.5Kg, 0.907Kg (2Lb), 1.0Kg, 3.0Kg
    Packing included: 10 volumes

    ◎ storage requirements:
    A cool, dry place, avoid moisture.

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